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The trail blazing #1 Online Certification for Licensed Stylists ready to enhance their healthy hair experience and increase revenue while adding value to clients. 

Q:What is the difference between a Certified Scalp Care Specialist and other trichology training programs?

A: Understandability and Applicability. The Scalp Care Certification Course is designed to allow you to become a Scalp Care Specialist in 6 weeks. You will be prepared to help your clients with hair loss concerns, scalp care disorders as well as improve salon revenues.


Many trichology programs cost between $6,000 – $10,000 dollars over a span of several years.


SCU™ understands that many Licensed Cosmetologist and salon owners have an interest in hair loss and scalp care concerns but need training. Any Licensed Cosmetologist interested in hair loss or scalp care education will become a fully Certified Scalp Care Specialist. The SCU™ 6 Week Live Virtual Online Course is designed to give you understandable and applicable education. The SCU™ course allow you to achieve certification and gain a knowledge base you can implement to help your clients. You invest in a 6 Week online scalp care course to get certified and your clients can benefit immediately.


SCU™ teaches scalp care services that includes products that can be sold for $250 and up, so your return on investment will be acquired quickly. Invest your time and develop an entirely new revenue stream for your practice.

Q:What is the deadline for enrolling?

A: Deadline for registration is 10 days prior to the online course date. Please register early, seating is limited. 

Q: Is this course for Cosmetologist only?

A: Yes, this course was specifically designed for Licensed Cosmetologists. 

Q:Do you have a payment plan?

A: Yes, payments plans are available. 

Q: Why spend thousands of dollars to get a scalp care certification? Does this class help you make money and help your clients?

A: Yes, All information comes with recommendations to help you make money and help your clients. This is new for 2022 Scalp Care Certification Courses. Trichology classes provide information, statistics and procedure training but they do not teach you how to properly add these services to your salon menu. New therapies need to be part of your training. Essential Oil therapy is an important part of your course curriculum. There are 129 million scientific articles, google search, on essential oils and hair growth. There are studies showing the safety of essential oils and there are many treatment recommendations.  SCU™ has the latest information on scalp care services. You will be provided with the client examples as well as before & after pictures to review. Enhanced knowledge and up to date technologies need to be a part of your scalp care education.

Q: What are the benefits of the Certified Scalp Care Specialist Course?

Q: Once I take the one day Scalp Care Specialist Course, what is next?

A: This Scalp Care Specialist Business Course will help you to identify reversible and non reversible hair loss as well as treatment for common scalp care disorders. This scalp care course will allow you to help those with the most common types of scalp care concerns. You will learn which conditions should be referred to a medical professional. This advanced education will allow you to help your clients make the right choices for their treatment needs.


You will learn about the latest scalp care treatment technologies including: Microscope Analysis, topical treatments (such as rosemary with topical DHT blockers), and scalp cleansers, that help essential oils work more effectively.


You will learn the importance of internal vitamins & DHT blockers. Training will help you learn how to combine all of these in the most effective, multi- therapeutic treatment approach for scalp care concerns. Regardless of the type of scalp disorder, or the brand of product you are using, you need to know how to maximize your clients’ results.


You will also receive a Scalp Care Specialist Certificate of Completion. This certificate recognizes you and your efforts to learn the material to become a scalp care specialist. The certification is issued  by the highly respected Scalp Care University.

Q: What are the next steps after I receive my certification?

A: The next step would be to complete your certification exam and perform 3 scalp care services to finalize your certification. Then, apply the knowledge and techniques you have just learned to increase your revenue and add value to your clients. 

Q: Do I receive a Scalp Care Specialist Certificate after completing the course?

A: Yes, once you pass your certification test you will receive your Scalp Care Specialist Certificate. Tests can be retaken if not passed on the first attempt.

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