“Are you running your business, or is your Business Running You?”

If you don't have medical insurance, a bookkeeper, money for the vacation of your dreams, or money saved in case you gotta take time off. I hate to tell you, but your business is running you.

In cosmetology school we were not taught how to run a business. Hell, we weren't really taught how to do hair. Most of us came into hair school with the skills needed to do hair, but we never developed the mindset that if you are in a booth rental space or in a salon studio, you are a business owner.

 After I graduated hair school all I wanted to do was make money doing hair. I didn't know that when I rented a booth that I would be paying my own taxes, nor did I know anything about a 1099, a bookkeeper, how to manage my finances, or account for my product expenses or even price myself as a stylist.