Course overview

Course Overview

Scalp Care Training for Spas, Salons & More

Elevate your expertise with The Head Spa Studio’s self paced scalp care specialist certification course — an enriching journey that combines ancient Japanese head spa techniques with modern trichology principles. Unlock the secrets to professional scalp treatment, itchy scalp relief, and holistic scalp health in this comprehensive online program!

What You’ll Gain

Embark on a transformative learning experience that encompasses:


Certification Excellence

At course completion, receive the Scalp Care Specialist certification, a mark of your mastery in scalp care techniques. This credential positions you at the forefront of scalp health services.


Comprehensive Curriculum

Immerse yourself in the Full Scalp Care Certification, thoughtfully curated to cover diverse topics, from scalp anatomy to disorders like alopecia, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis. Become well-versed in all aspects of scalp care.


Expert Kit

We equip you with a scalp care kit, comprising essential tools for the head spa and other treatments. This hands-on practice ensures your readiness to provide professional scalp care solutions.


Guided Group Coaching

Engage in dynamic weekly group coaching sessions led by seasoned instructors. Collaborate with peers, share insights, and refine your skills collectively.


Certification and Beyond

Emerge as a Certified Scalp Care Specialist, equipped to provide professional treatments. Uncover pricing strategies and social media tactics to thrive in the scalp care industry.

Course Overview:

Module 1

Get acquainted with the course structure, meet your instructor, and experience the unique blend of yoga and motivation. Dive into essential products, tools, and a skills assessment.

module 2

Understand the pivotal role of scalp consultations. Learn assessment techniques and refine your skills through mock consultations. Hands-on application solidifies your grasp of consultation essentials.

module 3

Explore the science behind scalp analysis using microscopes, from the 6-point check to the analysis demonstration. Discover the complexities of diagnosis. Practical sessions amplify your microscopy proficiency.

module 4

Delve into hair and scalp anatomy, dissecting disorders of the scalp. Hands-on engagement brings theoretical insights to life.

module 5

Unlock the benefits of essential oils in scalp care. Craft custom blends, witness demonstrations, and gain a holistic perspective.

module 6

Home shampooing techniques, examine massage methods, and understand the influence of bones and muscles during massage. Conclude with a comprehensive skills assessment that signifies your progress.

Virtual Scalp Care Certification Course

Join us today to start on a journey that empowers you with the knowledge and skills to offer exceptional scalp care services. Purchase your course today to enhance your expertise and transform lives through holistic scalp health. Reach out with ANY questions regarding the course, we look forwards to talking with you and helping grow your business.

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