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Want the proven scalp care knowledge that has made millions?

Learn The Exact Steps To Generating Revenue as a Scalp Care Specialist in One Day
June 27, 2022

An in-depth scalp care course designed to help hair stylists and salon owners increase revenue, build high value clientele and stand out as an expert in their field.

Atlanta, GA l June 27, 2022 l 8am- 5pm

Don't miss the #1 Certification for Licensed Professional Stylists ready to learn about scalp care and generate revenue in their salons!

What's good yo!, 

I am so happy you are investing in yourself! The knowledge shared in the Certified Scalp Care Specialist Course generates revenue, places you as the expert in our industry and enhances the experience for your clients. 


  • Are you a hairstylist looking to gain a deeper understanding of how to treat different scalp care disorders?


  • Are you a salon studio owner ready to add educational value to the stylist renting your space?


  • Are you a booth rental stylist who is struggling to maintain a clientele and needs fast track guidance to get high value clients in under a week?


  • Or are you an aspiring Master Stylist who wants to niche down to truly connect with your ideal clients ASAP!

Join Rayshone Phillips, Founder of Scalp Care University and creator of the Scalp Care Specialist Certification, for her One Day Scalp Care for Revenue Class.

About Us

20 years ago, I graduated from Cosmetology school with no idea how to run a business. I have spent the last 20 years failing, succeeding and learning along the way and I am finally prepared to share the secrets to understanding scalp care from a cosmetologist perspective. 


For years I had no understanding of scalp care or how to price myself. I would pick my price based on how good I was compared to someone else and what they charged and send my clients to the dermatologist for scalp care. LMFAO Girl, had me undervaluing myself for years but you don’t know what you don’t know.  


10 years ago I graduated from Youngstown State University and I had no idea how I was going to use a Bachelors of Science in my current position as a Cosmetologist. Turns out I majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry, both of which gave me so much insight to the human scalp and body, works huh?


It took me 10 years of learning and bravery to put together a Scalp Care Specialist Certification Course I could share with hairstylists, that adds value and helps them incorporate scalp care services into their salon so they generate revenue. 


Here I am y’all, full of knowledge and excited to help you value yourself as a stylist sooner than I did. 


In this information filled 8 hour hands on learning experience, I will teach you the science behind scalp care as well as how to apply that knowledge, and I plan to do this for dozens of salons this year. Help stylist increase revenue and change lives. 

The SCALP CARE CERTIFICATION TOUR’s mission is to be a catalyst for success, inspiration and advancement in the understanding of scalp care all across the Beauty Industry. Our mission is accomplished by equipping licensed stylists with scalp care knowledge that builds understanding, revenue and enhances the client's experience. 


We are determined to put every effort into making the SCALP CARE CERTIFICATION TOUR one of the world’s beneficial classes, as well as to be a testament to every aspiring beauty professional, that we are more than just Cosmetologists.

In 2019, my sister shared a video with me of the Japanese Head Spa. Immediately, I was taken away by the steam. I began to learn all that I could about the service, what it includes, how long it takes, how much it costs. I learned the service incorporated the use of essential oils, massage, steam and microscope analysis to enhance the client experience. I am a scientist so this was very interesting to me. I began to look up why these techniques are used. I think they were on to something because it turns out there is science behind the use of essential oils and scalp disorders. A scalp massage has all kinds of benefits, as well as steaming the hair to add moisture. I felt like I was back in college reading all of these scientific articles that talked about solutions that we as stylists could provide for some very common scalp care conditions. 


I learned effleurage and petrissage massage techniques, I read books and several articles on how and why to use essential oils. I reached back to my college days and began to understand how to properly help my clients. 


After incorporating scalp care services to my salon menu I supported my clients in ways I didn’t before. I am the go to girl for all things scalp care. Clients began to fly from across the country to receive services with me. I gained new clients and increased my revenue.


The Scalp Care Specialist Certification opportunity builds a specific understanding of scalp care disorders as it relates to Cosmetologists as well as how to add it to your salon menu to generate revenue.


What You’ll Get When You Enroll In The Scalp Care Certification Course

  • 8 weeks of Live group coaching calls 

  • Recordings of 60 min Live group sessions

  • 1-on-1 sessions- 30 min call; this will be scheduled within the first week of our sessions

  • Email / phone support- Long answers are answered via email/ quick messages are answered via text

  • Access to the Scalp Care for Revenue Facebook group for networking, discussions  and check-ins from the Scalp Care Team. 

  • A digital workbook with exercises including the SCU Pricing Calculator

  • Lifetime access to all recordings of scalp care training materials and Q & A sessions

  • BONUS: Access to videos of online Self paced Certified Scalp Care Class 



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Pamela S.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

a week ago

I love that you’re very detailed on techniques. Amazingly informative. I will definitely take another one of your classes

Karuna R.


Rating: 5.0 out of 5

a week ago

I am so happy to finally learn the steps to blow drying and ironing natural hair. I felt the class to be so informative and easy to follow.

Yanira P.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

7 months ago

OMG!!! She is great teaching !!!! I learned a lot. These are the videos that I was looking for. Thanks million times.





Yanira P.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

7 months ago

OMG!!! She is great teaching !!!! I learned a lot. These are the videos that I was looking for. Thanks million times.

Event Class Schedule
8AM - 5PM

Value $3997

Join Today for only $1997


Scalp Care Solutions for Clients is Priceless and for you its Revenue.


“80 million Americans live with hair loss, 125 million people worldwide have psoriasis and 31.6 million people have eczema,” we can help.

In 8 Hours, I will teach you how to generate revenue with scalp care services…


Adopting my strategic and powerful SCU Pricing Formula and scalp care knowledge.


Before now, I used this formula to calculate pricing for my exclusive one on one clients, which is a monthly retainer fee of $1000.


But when you join the Scalp Care for Revenue Challenge today, you get it for a one time payment of $1997.


That’s right…


For just $1997, I’m giving you my step by step solution and pricing formula that I personally follow for every single stylist I serve…


And _ you’ll get access to the Scalp Care for Revenue Community through our private Facebook group. 


The value of this challenge is $3997 and, to be honest, I am grateful I get to offer this to you at such a massive discount. I know this will be a great reward later…


I’m going to teach you the foundational skills and highly coveted secrets of how to add scalp care to your salon menu to increase your revenue, create returning customers and set you apart from the rest…

And all you need to do is invest 8 hours and $1997


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