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​Leading our program is Rayshone, a highly experienced Cosmetologist with over 20 years of industry knowledge. With Rayshone as your virtual mentor, you will receive unparalleled education in scalp care, tapping into her vast expertise in the beauty industry.

Rayshone is a dedicated and passionate cosmetologist who wants to spread scalp care knowledge to cosmetologists around the world. Not only is her goal to spread this knowledge, but she stays headstrong in organizing scalp care knowledge as well. Her dedication to excellence is evident in her completion of a Bachelor of Science at Youngstown State University, and she has utilized this degree to solidify the information spreading throughout the beauty industry. She spends her time making sure every ounce of intelligence a student gains from this course is polished and researched, backed by science and results. This is unbelievably essential to her, and it’s what sets her apart as an educator.

As an instructor, you’ll be face-to-face with someone who will aid you till the end! With 15 successful students, Rayshone has always done everything to ensure that all of her graduates reach their full potential, and gain revenue within their salon spaces. Her Scalp Care Certification Course isn’t her only area of expertise, she’s also educated students all over the world. With 465 students in her ‘Silk Press Like a Pro’ Udemy class in 36 different countries, it’s safe to say that Rayshone has dedicated her all to her students, and will continue to do so. It is her passion to see every student within any of her courses succeed.

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