Who we are

Promising Excellence in Everything We Do


Loving your hair increases your positive energy... I like being a part of what makes people smile.

Rayshone Phillps, Salon Owner

The Head Spa Studio is a black-owned salon specializing in smoothing naturally curly 4c hair. Our salon is the only head and scalp spa in the Youngstown area. We guarantee quality in all of the products and services we offer. We are driven by a long withstanding commitment to our client's needs and dreams of healthy hair.

Rayshone Phillips, the owner, and headmaster stylist is excited to offer hair and scalp health services guaranteed to improve scalp and hair healthy using organic essential oils!

Rayshone is a professional hairstylist of 19 years and a Biology graduate from YSU. She uses her knowledge of biology, hair training, and years of experience to ensure her clients are educated on their hair and scalp health.