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Scalp Care

Certification Course

Online Live Virtual

The Head Spa

Licensed Cosmetologist Training- First Virtual Hands-On course

For Licensed Cosmetologists Only!  Free Scalp Care Kit Included

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  • Scalp care kit Including 1000x wireless microscope 

  • Lifetime access to course videos and digital resources 

  • Virtual Live weekly activities for Hands-On Practice

  • 30 min 1 on 1 coaching call for guidance and feedback

  •  Licensed Cosmetologist Scalp Care Certificate

Welcome all Licensed Cosmetologist, especially those who specialize in healthy hair. This Scalp Care Certification Course was specifically designed for licensed stylists looking to add scalp care services to their salon menu in order to add value and generate revenue. Our curriculum is created for Licensed Cosmetologists who are interested in understanding scalp care services like the microscope analysis, scalp massage, holistic essential oil therapy and scalp disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and different forms of alopecia. The benefits of this course provide expert scalp care knowledge, increasing your salon revenue and provide additional value to your clients.

Course Benefits

Our Scalp Care Certification Course expands your salon opportunities. This increases your expertise as a Cosmetologist and adds the ability to add additional revenue, by offering scalp care services and adding extra value to your clients. After completing the course you will have confidence when dealing with scalp issues and be skilled in treating underlying scalp conditions. 

We have covered all aspects of scalp care including the microscope analysis and holistic solutions to common scalp disorders which places you as an expert in scalp care. Your instructor provides you with personal guidance as to ensure you that you are on the right track. We provide you with expert knowledge in scalp care as well as include initial scalp care tools to get your scalp care services started right away! We supply a 1000x Digital Microscope, which will be essential for you to practice understanding scalp issues. 

We are the only scalp care course providing you with virtual hands-on experience. We have weekly virtual activities where we work with you directly to ensure you gain a full understanding of the content. Rayshone has 20+ years experience as a Cosmetologist and she has completed her Bachelors of Science at Youngstown State University. She will share her expertise with you virtually, providing top quality scalp care education, unparralled knowledge in the Cosmetology and beauty industry.


To ensure you get your scalp care services started quickly, we include a scalp care starter kit, free of charge. We not only provide you with the expert scalp knowledge that enhances your healthy hair experience, we include necessary tools to get you started right away! We also include a 1000x digital microscope, which is essential to understanding the underlying scalp concerns!

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1000x Microscope- In-depth look at the scalp 

Alligator Clips- Easy sectioning of curly hair

Wide Toothed Comb- Easy Detangling of the hair 

Salon Towels- 2 White salon towels

Distributor Bottle- Application of oils to the scalp

Head Towel Wrap- Control the hair under the cap

SCU Steam Machine- In-depth look at the scalp 

Vent Brush- Aids in detangling

Towel Warmer- Warms towels to add to spa experience

Aromatherapy Diffuser- Relaxing fragrance for client satisfaction

Rat tails Combs- For parting the hair 

Shampoo and Conditioner- Sample sizes of the shampoo and conditioner I recommend

Carbon Combs- Heat resistant combs

Therapeutic grade Scalp Oil- Rosemary, White Thyme, Tea Tree, Cedarwood, Lemon Grass, Peppermint, Lavender, Reishi Mushroom

*1ml bottles

Carrier Oil- Jojoba Oil

*2oz bottle

Total Value- $950

***Items in kit will arrive in separate packages

Free shipping in the US to all 50 states and Canada. Estimated shipping is 5 to 7 business days, international shipping will take longer. Scalp care kit is subject to change. 

Receive SCU Cosmetologist Scalp Care Certificate

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Our Cosmetologist Scalp Care Certificate is issued to graduates of the course. This certificate demonstrates completion of training in both the theoretical and practical components of scalp care education. 

Course ID Number- SCU 0701

Your Instructor

Rayshone Phillips
Licensed Cosmetologist & Biologist

Years after completing my Bachelors of Science at Youngstown State University, I realized the importance of scalp care and recognized the value it could add to the beauty industry. Cosmetologists were focusing on healthy hair but I know healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. I believe it is my purpose to help other Cosmetologists understand scalp care and how it adds value to clients as well as generate additional revenue for the salon. 

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Scalp Care Curriculum

Section 1

Class Introduction

  • Class expectations 

  • Digital support content

  • About your instructor

  • Essential products and tools

Section 2

Importance of Scalp Care Consultation

  • Consultation area safety and hygiene

  • The importance of a scalp care consultation

  • Important questions to ask during the scalp care consultation

Section 3

Microscope Analysis

  • Importance of sanitation

  • How to use the microscope

  • What to look for under the microscope

Section 4

Essential Oil Mixing

  • Why each essential oil is used

  • Proper essential oil mixing for different scalp disorders

  • Essential oil recipes

Section 5

Scalp Disorders

  • Why each essential oil is used

  • Proper essential oil mixing for different scalp disorders

  • Essential oil recipes

Section 6

Scalp Care Massage

  • Why scalp massage is important

  • 4 Different types of scalp massage

  • 13 different scalp massage techniques

Section 7

Scalp Care Pricing

  • How to price your scalp care services

  • Reaching your revenue goals

Section 8

Marketing for Scalp Care

  • Using trends to win

  • How to market yourself

  • Posting content for your ideal client

  • How to stay consistent 

Next Steps

  1. Click the "Apply Now" and fill out the questionnaire to see if you qualify.

  2. If you qualify you will receive a link to schedule a Discovery Call

  3. Once enrolled you will gain access to the course content using your login info within 24 hours.

  4. Your scalp care kit will be prepared and shipped (usually 7 to 10 business days).

  5. Once course is complete you will have unlimited access to the 6 weeks of video content for the course. 

  6. Beginning week 1, there will be live virtual weekly activities we perform together.

  7. Please add a photo of you performing the activities in the Power Play group.

  8. After your 6 weeks of technical and hands-on activities you will be given access to the scalp care certification exam.

  9. You will receive a digital scalp care certificate after the completion of your scalp care certification exam.

  10. You have a 30 day guarantee that I will work with you until you gain your return on investment. The value of the scalp care kit is non-refundable ($950) due to sanitation reasons. 

Our mission is to equip Cosmetologists with scalp care knowledge that is educational and business building. Our course was created specifically for Cosmetologists that are passionate about healthy hair and who look to enhance their knowledge of scalp care to further their education and technical skills to advance their skillset as a Cosmetologist.

From our first class to graduation, we promise that every conversation you have with Scalp Care University will be memorable and exceptional. We will be available every step of the way!

What Cosmetologists are Saying

A testimonial from one of our successful graduates, Salon owner Halima Sabour! "Yes, and you are amazing at what you do🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 You have a wealth of knowledge and you're relatable✨✨ I can honestly say this. I took some trichology classes and had absolutely no idea what to do with it, your class on the other hand not only gave me the information but strategically showed me how to apply it right away in my salon." Thank you -Halima completed the Scalp Care Certification Course to enhance her wellness experience for her salon. Halima is excelling in her space, with the goal of getting from behind the chair, and ultimately building her salon into a healthy hair and wellness experience. 



One Time Payment

First 5 students ONLY!!!

Scalp Care Kit Included

30 Day Guarantee

Unlimited Access to Course Content

2 x $1649

2 Payment over 2 Months

First 5 students ONLY!!!

Scalp Care Kit Included

30 Day Guarantee

Unlimited Access to Course Content

Free shipping in the US to all 50 states and Canada

The Scalp Care University invites students from all over the world to enroll. Must be a Licensed Cosmetologist.

Remember investing in your salon career is a must to scale your business. This investment in yourself and your salon dreams will be the greatest investment you can make. This certification places you as the expert in the field of scalp care as well as enhance your healthy hair experience as well as the clients you service!



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