7 ways to Attract Valuable Clients to Your Salon

Trying to attract valuable clients and get your salon book filled can be a challenge. There are lots of folks in the salon industry and all of us are working to make a successful career. Here are a few tips I used to help my ideal client become attracted to my salon.

1. Post helpful content to your social media

What is helpful content? Helpful content is content in your niche, that provides solutions to commonly asked questions that helps your audience learn to trust you as the professional and eventually invest in your services.

Your audience will determine what's helpful. They will help you understand what things provide them with value. Pay attention to what they like, share and comment on. Don't give away the whole book, but definitely give your potential clients helpful hints that helps them trust you as the professional. Clients want great results for there hair and they like to see you can provide them with those results but they also need to learn to trust you. We build this trust by solving small problems and being helpful to our future clients. The helpful post attract the most loyal clients.

2. Take advantage of Google advertising

Everyone knows that Google got the internet advertising game on lock. Google got pretty much everything on lock. I don't know about you but they got all my passwords, Ijs. I know there are so many different ways to do paid advertising Facebook, Yelp ads, Instagram ads and more to come. All the options, so overwhelming. I say invest in Google because of the return on financial investment. Google brings new clients to the website and that's where you need them to be. When advertising anywhere it is super important to understand your ideal client. You do not want to waste money advertising to folks who do not want what you have to offer.

If you are low on funds start at the lowest amount per day which is $2. So for approximately $60 per month you can attract ideal customers by placing your business in front of people who are looking for it.

3. Sign up for Yelp

Yelp is an online business rating platform that consumers can use to find and rate businesses for higher. It is great when trying to attract local business. Add your information to Yelp, why because clients look for business's like yours on Yelp everyday and you want to be apart of that search. It is also beneficial to have client reviews as many places as possible.

4. Post well lit clear images

Cell phone images dun came a long way from what they used to be. Post well lit clear photos because it looks professional. It is hard enough nowadays to get people to hit the like button on your photos, help them hit it buy making sure you have clear videos and photos for them to look at.

Attracting the clients that you want requires you to pay attention to detail when you are posting content. TIP: Take a second before you begin recording with your phone to wipe off the camera lens. It makes a world of difference.

5. Have an easy way to connect with you

So you are posting helpful content, your are connected to google and yelp, you remembered to wipe off your camera so your content is clear and now a client wants to contact you. Make sure you have all of your contact information easily available for clients. Ask yourself, is the link in the bio? Did you invite them to check out the website? You done all the work to get them interested in your services be sure you leave them away to learn more and invest in your services.

6. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags expand your audience and grow your reach and using them helps users find your content.

Before we keep going, I want you to go to your instagram and find 5 pieces of content that you did not hashtag. Next, add 20 relevant hashtags. Notice that the views and likes of images that you added the hashtags to begin to improve. Adding relevant hashtags attracts more potential clients to your page.

7. Post happy client images and videos

Clients remember how you made them feel when you serviced them, capture those moments and add them to your content. When clients see happy clients it helps them see those same results for themselves.

These are the exact things I used to attract clients to my salon and fill my salon chair with clients that are in search of my services. Use these 7 tips to get connected to your ideal clients.