A tale of two textures: Round brush Blow drying 4a to 4c textures

Can 4a to 4c hair be round brushed? Absolutely! The tale of two textures: Round brushing 4a to 4c hair was inspired by how much time and money I saved when I learned how valuable round brushing is to curly hair.

Many of my natural kinky curly clients see the spiky round brush coming towards their head and they are initially apprehensive about how it works. Some people are afraid it will get tangled in their hair. Some think it will scratch them. Some think it will pull out their hair.

The round brush actually works exactly opposite. Round brushes gently detangles the hair, while pulling the natural oil, sebum, from the scalp onto the hair. Round brushing naturally moisturizes, smooths and detangles and it can be done on all types of curly hair. This is the tale of two textures, round brushing kinky curly 4a to 4c hair, the first step to naturally smooth hair.

The difficulty of round brushing increases with the number. 4a hair is the looser curl and the easiest to round brush. 4c hair is the tightest curl pattern and the most difficult to tackle.

The trick to round brushing hair is parting. Everything revolves around parting the appropriate amount of hair and sectioning it off. This helps you to round brush smoothly and quickly.

Here is a quick step by step guide on Round Brushing 4a to 4c hair

  1. Shampoo, Condition and towel dry hair.

  2. Add your favorite blow dry cream. Currently I use S factor Smoothing lusterizer. I love it and they are getting rid of it, the story of my life. I am working on making my own brand everyday.

  3. Section the hair into 4 quadrants

  4. Begin in front right quadrant with a 1/4" section

  5. Place the blow dryer in one hand, the round brush under you arm and hold the hair in your hand.

  6. Stretch that section with your hand and use the dryer to began heating the hair. (***the hair shoud be a little stretched after this)

  7. Place the round brush bristles horizontal to the 1/4" section and gently slide the brush down the hair shaft until it can not move.

  8. At the same time use the blow dryer to heat the hair.

  9. When the brush cant move anymore, take it out and repeat step 6 and 7.

  10. The ceramic in the round brush smoothes the hair and the bristles help detangle the hair.

If you are learning to round brush hair be patient. Like any skill that requires both hands to move separately, round brushing is difficult. I have been round brushing 4a to 4c hair for years and round brushing has saved me time and money because I dry the hair faster and get hair smoother.