Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle? Here’s How to Save Money While Doing It

Living a healthy lifestyle is the way to go. You feel happier, you look better, and life feels more put together. But those green smoothies and self-care trips can quickly add up, leaving the purse strings looking a little tighter than before you started. But at The Head Spa Studio, we believe that living healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. Keep reading to learn our top tips to stay healthy while saving your coin.

Simple Habits Make a Big Difference

You'll know that consistent habits lead to successful outcomes if you’ve been on a health kick for a while. The same is true when it comes to money. Following are some ideas to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle (that won’t break the bank):

  • Watch what you buy: Junk and processed food aren’t great for your body, but they are cheap and filling. Fresh fruit and veggies (particularly if you like to shop organic) can be more expensive but will be more in line with your health goals. To save costs overall, consider using credit cards that help you earn rewards on your grocery purchases. Or else, stock up on those coupons and go to town!

  • Drink more water: According to Harvard Health, every adult needs at least eight glasses of water a day. And no, fizzy drinks don’t count! Cutting down on non-water drinks is healthier for you and your pocket.

  • Use the resources available to you: There are more resources out there than you would think. From employee wellness classes offering free workouts to low-cost or free apps for running, meal prepping, and sleep tracking, you can utilize tons of resources on your healthy journey.

  • The great outdoors: It costs nothing to get outside and go on a hike or take a bike ride in your neighborhood. This is great for the body, the mind (nature has tremendous benefits for our mental health), and also the wallet - think of how much you’re saving on entertainment, transport, and more. And by exercising outdoors, you’re also skipping the gym - and its steep membership prices!

Monetizing Your Health

Another excellent way to save money while prioritizing wellness is to monetize your lifestyle. This may seem complicated, but you likely know someone who does this amongst your friends and family. You could choose to become a fitness influencer, showing off your gym gains or latest workout. Starting an affiliate marketing blog is a particularly viable route if you love writing and sharing your money-saving tips. For the more entrepreneurially minded folks out there, you could also start your own health-based business, like opening a yoga studio or selling sports gear. If you’re stumped for ideas, just follow your biggest wellness passion! Whatever you decide, it will be critical to market your business on social media. Ensure your branding is consistent across all channels by utilizing an easy-to-use image resizer online. Once you have your resized images, it is easy to upload them on various social media pages for a professional look.

It Pays to Be Healthy

Simple habits like cooking at home, walking places, and mindful shopping pack a big punch. They are highly beneficial because you’ll see the savings come pouring in long-term. For example, living a healthy lifestyle may mean qualifying for lower life insurance rates. You’ll also have less expensive medical bills. For example, George Washington University reports that obesity in American adults can cost over $147 billion a year. Think how much you’ll save on healthcare by watching what you eat!

Being healthier is often associated with spending more money, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Learn a few basics in managing your money (and lifestyle), and you’ll be able to improve your overall wellness without a pinch.

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