Are you thinking of doing a Big CHOP?

What's good yo! Here are some Tips & Tricks to the transition to natural hair without having to chop it all off!

Have you wanted to go natural but you were afraid that you would have to cut off all your hair and start over to do it? Maybe you got a perm? or perhaps you just so suddenly would like to go natural. Let Mrs Rayshone put you on with a little pro tips to going natural without having to slice and dice your beautiful hairs.

First, let’s define ‘Natural Hair’. Natural hair is hair that has not been chemically changed with a relaxer, smoothing treatment or curl. Coloring and flat ironing your hair does not apply, your hair is still natural if you color it.

Let’s say in this case you have gotten a relaxer in your hair and you would like to go natural. The first recommendation is to not listen to anyone who tells you that you should just cut the relaxer out. You’re going to have a natural shedding face during the transition and cutting out the relaxer would just defeat the process, there wouldn’t even be a process if you cut it!!

I recommend getting smaller trims frequently. Approximately every 3 months, give your hair some time to grow. Hair grows approximately .44 inches that is approximately a half an inch ( Rounding up ) in one month.

Give your hair 3 months, let it grow almost an inch and a half. Then trim off half an inch each time until the chemically treated hair is all removed!!

Next thing, if you’re trying to go natural you can most definitely do protective styles! Let's say you got 3 inches of curly hair and 3 inches of straight hair and you absolutely hate it.

A good alternative style is braids. Be careful with the tension of the braids around your edges because braids can pull out your edges and no one wants that.

Another good option is a glue less wig. I do wigs all the time but you need to be careful if you are using wig glue. 🥰

Sew-ins are also an amazing protective style. There is tons of flexibility and they last quite a while.

Along with these recommendations you need to get scalp treatments. You want to help the process of this growth, you want to make sure you properly treat your scalp, and not just your hair. Head spas are amazing for that. If no one you know offers this treatment, Mrs Rayshone offers them at the Head Spa Studio!!

Those are all the Tips and Tricks for Today, Thank you for reading!

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