Beauty Tips that Elevate Your Overall Image WITH NO MAKEUP

There are four quick beauty tips that elevate your overall image, lace, lashes, lips and brows because who in the hell has the time to do there makeup everyday? Not I.

When I first began doing hair, makeup was not like it is today. I feel like the makeup industry has really begun to increase in popularity. Maybe even neck and neck with the hair industry when we define 'beauty'. I ain't talking bout no regular everyday powder. I am talking full fledged foundation, contouring, eyeshadow, lashes, brows the whole shebang.

Even though makeup is becoming a daily routine for many women, it feels like work to me. Another thing, I itch like crazy! Yes, makeup makes me itch. Do I still wear it on occasion? YES. Is it my everyday thing. Not exactly.

When I get up, my daily no makeup look consist of lace, lashes, lips and brows. These are quick and easy beauty enhancers.

First let's talk about brows. When I fill my brows it cleans up my face. For some reason when your brows are done, it look like you washed your face. 👀 Ijs

Next, Lace. I know lace front wigs are not the only style but in my case, I love me some wigs, in toni Braxton deep voice singing. When I have my lace laid, I feel more confident. I notice people looking at my face and not at my lace. Side note: If someone compliments your 'wig', I mean they say, your wig is nice and not your hair is nice, they hating. You ain't got to believe me.

Anywho, lips are such a simple add. I love a gloss and go. Kis 💋 keep it simple.

And finally lashes! I think lashes are the number one addition to my look. I feel like honestly, I could do just my lashes and feel presentable.

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