Do you need a Head Spa?

Are you looking to maintain your currently healthy hair? Do you want your hair to grow longer? Is your hair thinning and you want to prevent more hair loss? Are you struggling with a dry, itchy, flaky scalp? Then YES, you need a Head Spa.

Last year, my sister sent me a video showing a service called the Japanese Head Spa. Immediately I thought, "is there a nigga head spa?" I laughed out loud and started looking into what this spa was all about. Although the Japanese Head Spa was meant to apply to all hair types, I remember my experiences with one-size-fits-all things. I truly needed to create a spa that was gonna nourish the scalps and follicles of kinky curly hair, black folks.

Now, I could not find a head spa geared for our hair type, I mean for us by us. Honestly, I was just looking for someone who could navigate 4c hair gracefully. I didn't find many black folks getting the service and the young ladies I found had the creamy crack, relaxer. No judgement, but ain't nothing like a good ole 4c tight curl.

After researching the details of the service and learning the benefits of essential oils and scalp health, I asked my clients if this was something they would invest in? Is this an experience they would want to have and I got yes, yes, yes. I am now here, helping clients everyday with their healthy hair goals.

I am so grateful to use my knowledge from my bachelor's in biology and the 18 years of experience as a licensed cosmetologist. I am excited to use my skill set to help my clients achieve their healthy hair goals.

The Head Spa is the ultimate relaxation experience combined with a massage, essential oils and scalp steaming to help stimulate blood circulation, encourage hair growth and cleanse the pores.

I love offering a service that benefits my clients even after their spa is complete. Your hair is your crown and an extension of your beauty. Let me pamper your hair and scalp during your head spa.