How to Improve The Way You Look and Feel During Stressful and Uncertain Times

Having a hard time taking care of yourself lately? Take heart that you’re not alone. Also, know that there are simple steps you could be taking to still look and feel like yourself, even though the world may still feel uncertain and stressful. The Head Spa Studio invites you to start with these health and wellness basics.

Calm Your Mind With Regular Self-Care

Anxiety and stress have become commonplace during the pandemic and these emotions can take a toll on the way you feel and look. Finding relief through self-care is essential.

Utilize Self-Care Services

It's okay to indulge in self-care services such as spa treatments. After all, it's common knowledge that being pampered can help you look and feel amazing! At The Head Spa Studio, our services are designed to promote healthier hair and help you feel rejuvenated.

Indulge in Extra Comforts

It’s also okay to spend more time relaxing during times of stress. Extra self-care comforts like candles, plants and even coloring books can help. While you relax, also be sure to dress in comfortable clothing, including soft pajamas, dresses and leggings that look and feel amazing.

Nurture Your Body With Nutritious Food

Keeping yourself looking and feeling good while dealing with pandemic stress and other tensions can mean finding more balance and convenience in your diet.

Start With Pantry Staples

You’d be surprised at how many nutritious meals you can throw together using foods and staples you already have tucked away in your pantry. So, pull out those canned goods and other ingredients you stocked up on and try your hand at tasty and healthy skillet rice, stews, soups and sandwiches.

Plan Out Healthy Meals

Even if you are self-isolating, sticking to routines can be crucial for staying well and healthy. This includes meal planning and prepping, both of which can make eating healthy at home less of a hassle. The key is to keep your plans flexible, in case you can’t get to the store or get certain ingredients. You can also have ingredients delivered if you prefer not to be in stores.

Strengthen Your Body With Movement

Even though it can be more difficult with pandemic restrictions, getting regular exercise is crucial for your body and mind during times of increased stress.

Begin With Gentle Movement

If it’s been a while since you’ve worked out, it may be best to stick with gentle forms of exercise until you build up your strength and endurance. For instance, you could follow along with gentle online yoga flows from the safety and comfort of your own living room.

Take Short Fitness Breaks

Fitting exercise into a busy lockdown schedule can seem challenging, but even quick workouts can help you look and feel better. Try taking a short walk after lunch or making time for a 15-minute core workout in the afternoon. Be sure to record your workouts with a fitness tracker, so that you can view the results of your workouts and see how you're progressing.

Fit In a Morning Workout

Waking up earlier to work out is another effective way to fit fitness into a packed self-isolation routine. In fact, exercising earlier can make it easier to stick to healthier habits. Morning workouts can also give you more energy and focus throughout the day, all while providing a mood boost.

Even though the world feels more stressful right now, there’s no reason why you can’t feel and look your best. You may just need to find little ways to fit more health, fitness and self-care into your routines. Because taking care of yourself is even more important during times of crisis.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Author: Jennifer McGregor