Keep Yourself Well While You Work (No Matter How Many Jobs You Have!)

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, you’re not alone. Many of us—and especially women—have multiple jobs, and this often means freelancing outside of your 9 to 5. Sadly, extending the workday often leads to self-neglect, which has a domino effect of running you down so that you earn less money. Yet There are many great ways on track with your health while you manage your wealth. Need ideas? Keep reading for some goodies.

Nutrition Matters

One of the first places we often get lax with is the way we eat. When you’re constantly running from job to job or project to project, you tend to rely on the drive-through. But hold up—this is terrible for your health on a number of levels. First, eating in the car means that you are eating mindlessly. You’re focused on other things and likely aren’t paying attention to your body’s cues that it’s full. Next, you’re probably eating more calories and fat than you originally intended. Even if you’ve chosen a healthy-looking salad, there’s a good chance that it’s not as nutritionally balanced as you’d hoped.

The solution is to eat more at home. You can also pack your lunch each day and keep snacks handy so that you can sidestep cravings to the dollar menu. Another tip that’s been touted before is to take healthy shots to boost your vitamin intake. Juice shots made of lemon, turmeric, and ginger give your body a dose of iron, magnesium, B vitamins, calcium, and niacin. You’ll also get antioxidants, which are important in helping to fight off certain forms of cancer.

Attitude at Work

When you’re working a side hustle, you will most likely have a you versus the world attitude. We get this way when we know what we're doing is crucial to our existence. But, you have to change your mindset. Remember, even as a freelancer and entrepreneur, you may have to get help sometimes. This might be something as simple as asking a friend or family member to watch the kids so that you can catch up on paperwork or outsourcing web design, marketing, or accounting.

You can also quickly get overwhelmed doing one-time tasks, such as forming your LLC. If you haven’t yet, now’s a great time to research setting up as a limited liability corporation. This will take some of the financial burden off of you in the off chance your business finds itself in legal hot water. The formation process typically involves five steps, including naming your LLC, choosing a registered agent, and applying for an EIN.

To save money when starting out, look for free tools where available. For example, using an invoice maker online will save you from requiring standalone software. Plus, you can customize your invoice designs to your liking.

Fitness Doesn’t Fail

So you know you have to eat right and that there is no shame in seeking help. But, your self-care endeavors don’t stop there. Although you’re likely short on time, you have to make time to exercise. Keeping yourself physically fit is paramount to both your body and your mind. According to Medical News Today, exercising improves your cardiovascular health, helps you sleep better, and can even reduce your weight.

Working out also gives you a rush of endorphins, which make you happy from the inside out. There’s also something satisfying about completing an intense workout, whether you’re looking to tone your muscles or add bulk to your booty. Even better, if you choose to participate in group fitness classes, you can socialize while improving your physical health.

Squashing Stress

Real talk: if you’re working multiple jobs, you’re probably stressed out because of money. That’s completely understandable, and some stress may be unavoidable. However, stress takes a toll and can result in everything from dark circles under your eyes to changes in your personality. Psych Central notes that stress can also lead to fatigue, weight gain, and depression.

Look for ways that are personal to you to reduce stress in your everyday life. This might be getting enough sleep, taking an hour each night to watch your favorite television show, or sneaking in a monthly massage. A side note here: if the things you want to do cost money, look for ways to save on your favorite activities, such as buying passes to movies and massages on Groupon. Another important thing you can do for yourself to eliminate stress is to spend a long weekend away. You have to have time to decompress so that you can return to work with a fresh mind and body.

Part-Time Gig or Full-Time Income?

Finally, once you get going and are comfortable with your side gig, you may realize that you’re happier than you are at your regular job. If this is the case, consider turning your freelance fun into a full-time job. Ideally, you’ve already established your LLC, so you are set up for taxes and have other protections in place. You should easily be able to segue into launching as an official business.

When you are ready to go into business for yourself, make sure that you have enough money aside to give yourself at least six months so that you don’t have to worry so much about bringing in an income. This should be time enough to decide if you can replace a 40-hour-per week job. Next, start networking. You can ask customers, friends, family, and others if they know of any opportunities that match your expertise. You can also launch a website, create your brand, and start building your customer database so that you can reach back out to past clients if you decide to run a special on your products or services.

We all need money. After all, we have bills to pay. What we don’t need is the stress and strain that go along with wearing ourselves thin. If you want to get the most out of yourself, you have to put something into yourself. Eating right, exercising, and practicing self-care will go a long way toward keeping you fueled, energetic, and enthusiastic, no matter how many job titles you choose to take.

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