Misconceptions of Naturally Smoothed Hair

Question, If you flat iron your hair is it still natural?

Well yes, the answer is yes.

Another question, have you ever been told that your flatironed hair isn't natural?

Recently, many of my clients have told me, they were told they were not natural because of their silky smoothed flatironed hair. My first thought was, "Why would they think that, all we did was smooth your naturally curly hair out." My second thought was, "opportunity to educate!"

This blog is meant to provide people with basic understanding of naturally smoothed hair and naturally curly hair. I would like everyone to use this knowledge, in addition to their own to educate others on natural hair.

Really I think it is crazy how comfortable people are passing judgement on your hair. Straight, curly, wavy, kinky, yo business. Don't you agree?

But I am curious, do women with naturally curly hair feel superior, 'more natural', than a women with naturally smooth hair. It doesn't matter because we are all natural.

If you have not chemically treated your hair follicles with relaxer or perm, you're natural.

If you have not permanently changed the natural curl pattern of your hair, your are natural. At the end of the day, natural hair is natural hair.

Thanks for reading 📚