Roses are red, and so is your hair: So why aren't they the same color?

Have you ever wanted or had red hair? If so, then you know that red comes in a variety of shades and most importantly each person sees color differently. I have so many clients that come in and say, "I want red hair!" Yes, they all seem to be super excited to be getting this color but they all see the color differently. When it was time to get your hair colored you may have been asked what kind of red or how red? So, before getting this beautiful bold color think about the kind of red you want. Here are some tips to getting the color you see in your mind on your head.

Here are some tips to getting the PERFECT red Hair

  • >Ask tons of questions about the shade of red your stylist is using
  • >Does your hair need to be bleached to achieve to red you are looking for?
  • >Do they have color swatches that help you determine the color
  • >Have at least 3 images that show the red you want in your hair.
  • >Be sure to inform them of any prior coloring service
  • >Is this gonna jeopardize the health of your hair
  • >Is your color gonna fade fast?

Getting red hair can be exciting and scary so it is important to know what you want and to find a stylist that is patient.