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What’s Good, discerning hair aficionados! Today, we're exploring the realm of essential oils, with ginger being the planet of focus. Yes, ginger – the culinary darling that adds a kick to your meals. Ginger oil on your hair though??? Let's dissect whether it's a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

1. Unearthing the Truth: Ginger's Impact on Your Crowning Glory

Ginger essential oil, a staple on the spice rack and a favorite for Thanksgiving meals, often masquerades as a hair-care elixir. However, after reading the research, I see ginger for scalp health through...


In the world of beauty and wellness, the demand for specialized services is continually growing. One such specialized field that's gaining prominence is scalp care. As more people become conscious of the importance of a healthy scalp for maintaining beautiful hair, the role of a scalp care specialist becomes increasingly valuable. If you're interested in becoming a scalp care specialist, this step-by-step guide will help you navigate the path to this rewarding career.

1. Educational Foundation

The first step to becoming a scalp...


As a cosmetologist, your expertise extends far beyond just styling hair and applying color. You are also the first line of defense for clients dealing with various scalp and skin issues. Two common conditions that may appear similar but require vastly different approaches are dandruff and psoriasis. Understanding the difference between these two conditions is crucial for providing the best care and advice to your clients. In this blog post, we'll delve into the distinctions between dandruff and psoriasis and explain why it's imperative for cosmetologists to distinguish between...


Are you ready to dive headfirst into the world of scalp care and hair expertise but not for sure which path is right for you? Well, buckle up, because we're about to help you decide which path is best for you! Choosing between becoming a scalp care specialist or a Trichologists is like deciding whether you want to be the ultimate scalp sensation or the queen/king of hair and scalp health. It's a battle of techniques, knowledge, and a touch of class. So, grab your combs, put on your gloves, and get ready to make scalps tremble in admiration as we explore these necessary paths of hair and...


Last year, in downtown ATL, a fancy new salon opened on the main strip, it was called, “The Head Spa Experience”. This salon was known for its skilled stylists, innovative scalp care techniques, and unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. The owner, Mrs. Ray, worked her ass off to build her salon's brand over the years and was excited to be opening her second location in Atlanta, Ga.

Since this was a second location, Mrs. Ray needed to hire a talented stylist to ensure she would uphold her company’s brand. She interviewed a young lady named Money, pronounced Monae. Money...


Last year downtown Houston, TX, there was a talented cosmetologist named Keisha. This bitch could do some hair. She possessed an extraordinary gift for creating bomb ass hairstyles and had built a loyal clientele over the years. She specialized in healthy hair but she knew that the scalp is the foundation for healthy hair. She wanted to help clients with alopecia, psoriasis and dandruff but she had a fear of helping due to her lack of knowledge about scalp disorders.

Last winter, a new client named Erica walked into Keisha's salon, seeking help for her persistent scalp condition....


Good day honey, we're about to dive into the world of hair and skin care and break down the differences between a Cosmetologist, Trichologists, and Dermatologist. Cosmetologists, Trichologists, and Dermatologists are all professionals in the field of hair, scalp and skin care, but they differ in terms of their areas of expertise and the services they offer.

First up, we have cosmetologists. These are the professionals you go to for all things hair and scalp care. Need a head spa? They’ll get you relaxed and get that scalp healthy. Need a haircut? They've got you covered. Want to add...


Create a healthy scalp with these pro tips and essential oils!

How many products do you have for your hair? How many products do you have for your scalp? Everybody wants healthy hair but we have to realize healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. The scalp is the foundation of healthy hair. Let's talk about why that is.

Most of your healthy hair goals stem from the health of your scalp. Whether it be the length, the shine, the thickness, decreasing the itchiness or flakiness, they all are connected to scalp health. Up until now, we were told to use shampoo and conditioners...


This was brought to you by The Head Spa Studios.


If you don't have medical insurance, a bookkeeper, money for the vacation of your dreams, or money saved in case you gotta take time off. I hate to tell you, but your business is running you.

In cosmetology school we were not taught how to run a business. Hell, we weren't really taught how to do hair. Most of us came into hair school with the skills needed to do hair, but we never developed the mindset that if you are in a booth rental space or in a salon studio, you are a business owner.

After I graduated hair school all I wanted to do was make money doing hair. I didn't know...


What's good yo! Here are some Tips & Tricks to the transition to natural hair without having to chop it all off!

Have you wanted to go natural but you were afraid that you would have to cut off all your hair and start over to do it? Maybe you got a perm? or perhaps you just so suddenly would like to go natural. Let Mrs Rayshone put you on with a little pro tips to going natural without having to slice and dice your beautiful hairs.

First, let’s define ‘Natural Hair’. Natural hair is hair that has not been chemically changed with a relaxer, smoothing treatment or curl....


Perhaps you feel like you’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. You haven’t been looking and feeling your best, and you know that you need to make some lifestyle changes to boost your spirits. Here are a few strategies from The Headspa Studio that you can use to lift your mood so that you shine from the inside out.


Newsletters are an excellent way to stay in contact with your audience on an ongoing basis. Moreover, you have unlimited potential to grow your beauty brand on a grand scale if you know how to create a stellar newsletter and to whom to direct it. Consider the following tips from The Head Spa Studio.


If you’re struggling to make ends meet, you’re not alone. Many of us—and especially women—have multiple jobs, and this often means freelancing outside of your 9 to 5. Sadly, extending the workday often leads to self-neglect, which has a domino effect of running you down so that you earn less money. Yet There are many great ways on track with your health while...


Living a healthy lifestyle is the way to go. You feel happier, you look better, and life feels more put together. But those green smoothies and self-care trips can quickly add up, leaving the purse strings looking a little tighter than before you started. But at The Head Spa Studio, we believe that living healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. Keep reading to learn our top tips to stay healthy while saving your coin.


It was back in 2002 when my journey to Certified Scalp Care Specialist started. I had no idea I was going to be a Certified Scalp Care Specialist (CSCS). Honestly, when I started doing hair professionally, it wasn’t because I loved it. I began doing hair because I was good at it and it was a trade that I could do while I was going to college. My plan was to use my hairstyling license to generate income for my family while I obtained my Pharm D. I gotta say y’all, it sounded like a good plan, until it didn’t. I graduated from cosmetology school and I attended Youngstown State University for...


The past few years have been strange, to say the least. With the social distance we’ve all had to struggle with, re-entering the world in a normal way may be hard to think about. Many people have taken a hit to their confidence, either because of isolation or other COVID-related stresses. As we prepare to return to “normal” there are some things that you can do to build your confidence back up. Check out some of these...


Hey guys!! And welcome to today’s tips and tricks. Today we'll be talking about the benefits of using essential oils for scalp care and what it does for your hair.


If you’re like millions of other people, the COVID-19 pandemic really made you miss being able to get a massage anytime you needed (or wanted) one. And now that massage therapists across the country are opening their facilities back up, you may be chomping at the bit to book an appointment. But should you?

We all want to enjoy the healthiest, happiest, and most fulfilling life possible — and for many, getting a massage plays an important role in that! Presented by Head Spa Studio, here are some questions you may have about...


You have a passion for beautiful hair, but maybe working in a traditional salon just doesn’t feel right for you. Whether it’s due to concerns about the pandemic or a desire for more flexibility, one solution is to start your very own salon. You don’t even have to rent a building or suite to do so because it’s simple to create salon space right in your own home!

If you want to learn more about setting up a successful salon at home, read through the resources and tips below from The Head Spa Studio.


Hey guys!!!! Welcome to the Head Spa Studio. Today we’ll be talking about the top three things that you should know before switching up your hairstylists.


What if someone told you that right now is a great time to start a new salon or other business — yes, even with a pandemic still ongoing? Would you assume they were pulling your leg, or being ridiculously optimistic? Believe it or not, for many prospective entrepreneurs, this might be the ideal time to get their dream business going.


Have you ever felt the spark of inspiration to start a small business of your own? An entrepreneurial spirit can take you far in the modern business world. As a parent with a disability, you may be looking to work from home while raising a family and are ready to move beyond traditional workplace difficulties. Whatever your background, operating a small business from home is a goal that anyone can strive for with a little guidance. Check out...


Trying to attract valuable clients and get your salon book filled can be a challenge. There are lots of folks in the salon industry and all of us are working to make a successful career. Here are a few tips I used to help my ideal client become attracted to my salon.

1. Post helpful content to your social media

What is helpful content? Helpful content is content in your niche, that provides solutions to commonly asked questions that helps your audience learn to trust you as the professional and eventually invest in your services.

Your audience will determine what's...


Having a hard time taking care of yourself lately? Take heart that you’re not alone. Also, know that there are simple steps you could be taking to still look and feel like yourself, even though the world may still feel uncertain and stressful. The Head Spa Studio invites you to start with these health and wellness basics.


A hair and scalp analysis is a microscope service, typically performed by a

Cosmetologist, Dermatologist or Trichologist, that takes a closer look at the overall hair and scalp health.

"The condition of the scalp is vitally important to the health of the hair."

Have you, you reading this, ever had a scalp treatment? Leave a comment with your answer.

Most would say no, many have had hair treatments but scalp treatments, not so much.

Did you know that hair has no vital function in humans? Interesting, huh. We don't need hair, but we neeed hair. Since hair...


Relaxing naturally curly hair is a thing of the past. Naturally smooth hair is why I am sharing my professional flatiron tips. Many women are seeking out ways to smooth their natural hair without chemicals. Silk press, flatiron, keratin. Although many black women are rocking their twist outs and rod sets, it is nice to switch it up to naturally smooth hair without chemicals.

Black women with naturally curly hair, tend to have a lot of hair. Big, curly and for many, hard to maintain. I think that's why relaxing hair became popular, manageability. Relaxed hair was easier to maintain...


Question, If you flat iron your hair is it still natural?

Well yes, the answer is yes.

Another question, have you ever been told that your flatironed hair isn't natural?

Recently, many of my clients have told me, they were told they were not natural because of their silky smoothed flatironed hair. My first thought was, "Why would they think that, all we did was smooth your naturally curly hair out." My second thought was, "opportunity to educate!"

This blog is meant to provide people with basic understanding of naturally smoothed hair and naturally curly hair. I...


There are four quick beauty tips that elevate your overall image, lace, lashes, lips and brows because who in the hell has the time to do there makeup everyday? Not I.

When I first began doing hair, makeup was not like it is today. I feel like the makeup industry has really begun to increase in popularity. Maybe even neck and neck with the hair industry when we define 'beauty'. I ain't talking bout no regular everyday powder. I am talking full fledged foundation, contouring, eyeshadow, lashes, brows the whole shebang.

Even though makeup is becoming a daily routine for many...


Are you looking to maintain your currently healthy hair? Do you want your hair to grow longer? Is your hair thinning and you want to prevent more hair loss? Are you struggling with a dry, itchy, flaky scalp? Then YES, you need a Head Spa.

Last year, my sister sent me a video showing a service called the Japanese Head Spa. Immediately I thought, "is there a nigga head spa?" I laughed out loud and started looking into what this spa was all about. Although the Japanese Head Spa was meant to apply to all hair types, I remember my experiences with one-size-fits-all things. I truly needed...


The scalp is skin too! I think many of us forget this fact. Our skin rejuvenates, re-hydrates and builds collagen during sleep, your scalp is skin and needs rest as well. We do all kinds of things to our scalps that can damage them and over work our scalp follicles: heavy greases, relaxers, heat burns, diet changes, stressin' out, sleep deprivation, dehydration etc. No wonder we have so many hair health problems. We need to rest our scalps daily for at least 6 hours, like our body.

According to...


Can 4a to 4c hair be round brushed? Absolutely! The tale of two textures: Round brushing 4a to 4c hair was inspired by how much time and money I saved when I learned how valuable round brushing is to curly hair.


Have you ever wanted or had red hair? If so, then you know that red comes in a variety of shades and most importantly each person sees color differently. I have so many clients that come in and say, "I want red hair!" Yes, they all seem to be super excited to be getting this color but they all see the color differently. When it was time to get your hair colored you may have been asked what kind of red or how red? So, before getting this beautiful bold color think about the kind of red you want. Here are some tips to getting the color you see in your mind on your head.